Monday, September 21, 2009

Hillside Messengers

Hillside Messengers are one of the leading companies reuniting you with your old friends, ex-colleagues or relatives. Hillside Messengers low cost service gives you the opportunity to catch up and discuss the 'good old days' with someone you haven't seen for a while. Call Hillside Messengers on 01484 475826 to find out how we can help you.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Destiny PLC

Client - Destiny PLC
Technology - Actionscript, XML, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS
URL - Digital Pen and Paper
Project - If you can use a pen and mobile phone, you can use Destiny technology.

By combining a digital pen and digitised forms with a smart phone, you can now write out and transmit a form, verify critical data, include a photo or a barcode reading, and record a GPS position – all very simply, and without any significant change to your existing working arrangements. Destiny® takes a familiar three thousand years old process and brings it into the 21st century.

It is as simple as that.


Client - Studrock Industrial Boilers
Technology - Actionscript, XML, HTML, CSS
URL - Industrial Boiler Repairs
Project - A lifetime of care for your boiler

We live and breathe industrial boilers.
It’s our life.
We install them, service them, repair them, and help to ensure that they’re kept running at optimum efficiency.
We’ve been doing it for over thirty years.
And in the whole of that time, we’ve never had a repair recall.
So we’re tried, tested and proven.
And we’d love to be put to the test for you.


Client - Synergy Print Management
Technology - Actionscript, XML, HTML, CSS
URL - Print Management Company
Project - Your print job has to be right. It’s your shop window. And your brand reputation is at stake.

But how can you be confident that you’re getting top quality at optimum cost? How do you make sure you’re using the right printer, and the right processes? And how do you know when to ask the really hard questions that are sometimes critically important?

At Synergy, we understand and work every day with issues like these. We’re print project management specialists. So we can take care of all the hard work - and do your worrying for you.

Steve Froggatt Personal Training

Client - Steve Froggatt Personal Training
Technology - Actionscript, XML, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS
URL - Steve Froggatt
Project - My personal training system is simple! I motivate, my clients work hard and together we achieve results.

With over 12 years experience in the sports and fitness industry I can help you lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, improve sports performance and improve general well being and fitness. It’s never too late no matter what your age to improve yourself both physically and mentally.

Interior Dimensions

Client - Interior Dimensions
Technology - Actionscript, XML, HTML, CSS
URL - Office Refurbishment
Project - ID brings you a world of experience and innovative ideas to make your office, factory or warehouse interior look and feel fantastic. Whether you're expanding, consolidating, moving or refitting, we can take care of any refurbishment project.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

JLP Events

Client - JLP Events
Technology - Actionscript, XML, HTML, CSS
URL - Corporate Event Planning
Project - JLPevents strive to be the most reliable and creative event company in the UK, always delivering a high standard of quality and value for money to their customers. JLPevents offer a service that sets new standards in event management, so required an online presence to represent these standards. A clean and minimal design was combined with Flash motion graphics, which enriched the experience and help deliver the most effective message.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Link2Media Business Publishing

Client - Link2Media Business Publishing
Technology - Actionscript, XML, HTML, CSS
URL - Architecture Magazine
Project - Link2Media Business Publishing publishes quality architecture magazines for the UK's top building specifiers and designers. Editorially-led, Link2Media's publications all have certain attributes in common - a concise, attractive, spacious, easy to read format offering readers and editorial contributor's maximum information and impact from editorial articles. The growing popularity of Link2Media's architecture magazine publications reflect readers appreciation of the mix of style, clarity, production quality and attention to detail that is synonymous with a Link2Media production.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Crusader Despatch

Client - Crusader Despatch
Technology - Actionscript, HTML, CSS
URL - Warehouse and Distribution
Project - Crusader Despatch extensive midlands warehouse and storage facility provides a fully managed warehouse solution for clients who require managed storage capacity without the costs of running their own warehouse.

By continually expanding, investing and listening to their customers they have maintained an excellent reputation for service and support that has been the cornerstone of their growth. Flash was used to create a distinctive site that would truly differentiate them from their competitors and express the essence of company who embrace modern technology and change.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Why the name Doors.Off?

In 2003 I was designing my first web site and I asked the opinion of a friend I had graduated with. It was the Protech site, I described what the client had asked for then showed him the site proposal. His reply was 'you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off', a line taken from the Italian Job movie (the original Michael Caine version - one of my all time favourite films) his interpretation of this comment was that he thought I always had to give far more than I was asked for, but always for the better.

I get embarrassed at comments like this and tried to quickly change the conversation, I asked him for suggestions on a name for my new venture...

UK Web Design

Lichfield Printers

Client - Lichfield Printers Ltd.
Technology - Actionscript, HTML
URL - Stationery Printers
Project - Showing products, services, business stationery price list and contact details for this quality colour lithographic print company.

Site was designed in Flash and mirrored with optimised HTML pages. Combined with a linking campaign this site constantly achieves top rankings in all major search engines.

Top animation contains sixty underwater photographs tweened together to give an effortless motion that reflects their efficient service.

Protech Driveway Cleaning

Client - Protech
Technology - Actionscript, Html
URL - Driveway Cleaning
Project - This online portfolio showcases the excellent results achieved by a company who offer a service to clean and protect a range of surface types. For a company who 'focus on delivering quality, through investment into the latest technologies', Flash was used to create a web presence that accurately portrayed the personality and industrial position of this 'first impression count' company.

Combined with optimised HTML pages and a linking campaign this site constantly achieves top rankings in all major search engines.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Red Hot Rescue goes live!

Client - Red Hot Rescue
Technology - Actionscript, PHP, HTML
Project - A Chauffeur Driven Fire Engine Limousine! This unique company required an online portfolio, to showcase the special services they provide. With a wide and varied client base ranging from corporate, kids and wild women the aim was to create a 'fun interactive design'. Flash was used to create a web presence that accurately portrayed the personality of this fun loving company and generally provide a 'Red Hot' experience.

Combined with optimised HTML pages and a linking campaign.