Monday, January 03, 2005

Why the name Doors.Off?

In 2003 I was designing my first web site and I asked the opinion of a friend I had graduated with. It was the Protech site, I described what the client had asked for then showed him the site proposal. His reply was 'you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off', a line taken from the Italian Job movie (the original Michael Caine version - one of my all time favourite films) his interpretation of this comment was that he thought I always had to give far more than I was asked for, but always for the better.

I get embarrassed at comments like this and tried to quickly change the conversation, I asked him for suggestions on a name for my new venture...

UK Web Design

Lichfield Printers

Client - Lichfield Printers Ltd.
Technology - Actionscript, HTML
URL - Stationery Printers
Project - Showing products, services, business stationery price list and contact details for this quality colour lithographic print company.

Site was designed in Flash and mirrored with optimised HTML pages. Combined with a linking campaign this site constantly achieves top rankings in all major search engines.

Top animation contains sixty underwater photographs tweened together to give an effortless motion that reflects their efficient service.

Protech Driveway Cleaning

Client - Protech
Technology - Actionscript, Html
URL - Driveway Cleaning
Project - This online portfolio showcases the excellent results achieved by a company who offer a service to clean and protect a range of surface types. For a company who 'focus on delivering quality, through investment into the latest technologies', Flash was used to create a web presence that accurately portrayed the personality and industrial position of this 'first impression count' company.

Combined with optimised HTML pages and a linking campaign this site constantly achieves top rankings in all major search engines.